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Your Investment in UIC ENT Research

The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Otolaryngology-HNS is recognized as one of the premiere resident training programs in the United States. Our resident physicians participate in a state of the art clinical training program which is combined with annual research responsibilities designed to broaden their abilities as research physicians as well as to add current knowledge to the medical community.  

As a member of the University’s academic community, we have access to experts from all fields of study as well as access to the latest advances in science and technology. Innovative ideas, in union with expert collaborative support and the University's extensive technological and physical resources, yield an environment ideal for scientific research and progress.

Our resident research and training programs are made possible through the generous donations of our Corporate Sponsors and Private Partners. A few of the most recent research and training programs made possible from our donors include:

  • Research designed for the development of a standardized approach for the diagnosis and treatment of patients presenting with Chronic Rhino-sinusitis disease.
  • Phase III clinical trial evaluating new and innovative methods used to screen and treat primary and secondary squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
  • Resident education/training courses on soft tissue approaches in reconstructive procedures, plating techniques of the head and face following facial trauma, temporal bone anatomy and drilling procedures, allergy and sinus treatments, and instructional laboratories/courses utilizing cadaveric specimens to teach the latest techniques in endoscopic sinus surgery, and head and neck anatomy.

Excellence in resident research and training is our goal today, and our goal for tomorrow. The costs associated with achieving these goals are an investment, an investment that returns a lifetime of benefits for the patients and communities that our resident physicians serve. No greater reward can be expected or desired. However, while the benefits gained through state of the art training are great, the costs associated with these endeavors are equally as great.

The UIC Resident Research Fund was established in order to support the significant costs associated with our resident research and training programs. Our ability to continue pursuing excellence through state of the art education and training is dependent on the generosity of our Corporate Sponsors and Private Partners.  Please, consider joining our team, share our goal, and become a Sponsor/Partner in The Otolaryngology-HNS Research Fund.





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